Armored Vehicles

Armored vehicles, also known as armored cars or armored personnel carriers (APCs), are specially designed vehicles that offer increased protection against ballistic threats, explosives, and other hazards. They are commonly used by military forces, law enforcement agencies, VIPs, and security companies for various purposes, including transportation, threat operations, and security missions.

Here are some key features and components
of our developed armored vehicles:
Ballistic Protection

Armored vehicles are designed to withstand ballistic attacks. They have reinforced body panels that are resistant to small arms fire, including handguns and rifles. The level of protection varies depending on the vehicle's classification and the specific threat it is designed to counter. Some advanced armored vehicles can even provide protection against armor-piercing rounds.

Blast Protection

Armored vehicles often incorporate features to mitigate the effects of explosions. They have reinforced floors, specially designed to deflect and absorb the blast energy in case of a landmine or IED detonation. The windows are made of ballistic glass, which can prevent fragmentation from entering the cabin.

Run-flat Tires

Armored vehicles are typically equipped with run-flat tires. These tires have reinforced sidewalls that allow the vehicle to continue moving, even if the tires are punctured. This feature enables the occupants to escape from dangerous situations or reach a safe location without being immobilized.

Communication and Surveillance Systems

Armored vehicles often feature advanced communication systems, including radios and satellite communication equipment, to maintain contact with other units or command centers. They may also have surveillance systems, such as cameras, night vision devices, and sensors, to monitor the surrounding area and detect potential threats.

Off-road Capability, Protected Mobility

Many armored vehicles are excessive heavy and have limited on- road and off road capability. We designed armor solutions with off-road capabilities to operate in challenging terrains. They have robust suspension systems, high ground clearance, and powerful engines to navigate rough terrain, such as deserts, mountains, or muddy areas.